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What are the duties of a

Consultant Pharmacist?


Why should I have an

Independent Consultant?


ASCP responses to

CMS concerns about

Independent Consultants


What services does

The Fawks Company



What are some of

the reports that

are available?


Examples of Health Care

Wastes that May be

RCRA Hazardous Wastes


Materials in Contact with

P- and U-Listed



Uniform Hazardous

Waste Manifest


CMS F329-Table 1


CMS Anticholinergic

Drug-Table 2


CMS Gradual Dose

Reduction Summary


ASCP Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form (1)


ASCP June 2012

Comments-Independent LTC

Consultant Pharmacist (1)


Mega Rule Webinar


Prescribing and

Dispensing Opioids


2016-2017 Flu Information



The Fawks Company

Provides Independent Pharmacy Consulting


Long-term Care Facilities


Assisted Living Facilities




Medicare Wants Only

Independent Consultant Pharmacists

in Nursing Homes

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